How to Get a Job at Google

How to Get a Job at Google

how to get a job at GoogleWith Google continuing to expand upon its dominance with its search engine and ever expanding properties from YouTube, Gmail the Android mobile phone operating system and more they continue to grow and add jobs. And with the current recession continuing to linger on many people are looking to secure employment with bigger more stable companies like Google and they wonder “how can I get a job in Google?”.


Job in Google – Traditional Way

The hiring process at Google might be a little different then you’re used too. In fact it’s very similar to the job route at Microsoft which is who I worked for, for a little over 10 years. Often times the the first contact is via phone where you will go through a phone interview which can vary in length based on the job. If they see potential then they will setup an in person interview in which you will generally go through four to five 1 hour interviews with various people on the team looking to hire you. If you don’t get at least three in person interviews then chances are not good that you’ll be hired.

Your resume should have some facts in it on what you bring to the table. For example if you’ve managed other people or ran a department then say how many people you managed. Explain how your actions saved your former employer money or made them money be presenting specific figures and not just using a bland blanket statement claiming that those were things you did. If you made or saved them $xx,xxx dollars per year because of something you implemented or played a part in then include those figures in your resume then be prepared to go into more detail on those claims during the interview processes.

When in the live interviews be sure that this isn’t about you, but rather what you can do as part of their team to better Google. IT companies like Google and Microsoft are very team and goal oriented and not about me, me, me.

Oh and when it comes to dressing for an interview take into account the job you’re applying for. If its in the HR department, legal or something like that then you may want to dress up. If its any IT position (the vast majority of jobs) then almost anything goes as long as you don’t have holes or stains on your cloths! I’ve personally interviewed for various positions at Microsoft in jeans and I’m often times being interviewed by someone wearing jeans as well so it’s generally very casual as they don’t care so much about what you’re wearing. They just want to find out if you have the skill set to do the job, if you’re a team player and if you’ll be a good fit for that particular team. If you have a sense of humor and project a positive and confident attitude that too can go a long way to setting yourself apart from your competition.

 What if You Can’t Land a Job at Google?

Maybe you don’t have a history that allows you to set yourself apart from your competition, so what can you do then? In a case like this you may have to take the long route. Let’s face it the economy is a disaster and the competition out there is greater now then its ever been and you’re going to be going up against people with very impressive resumes.

Consider the fact you may have to prove yourself by building up your resume first before you’ll be able to get a job at Google. This is where learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) could help you out. There are no college courses that teach these skills so those folks who acquire such skills can really become valuable assets. There are numerous companies out there that provide SEO and SEM services to small and medium sized companies out there and the need for people with these skill sets continues to rise. Why? Because in such a tough economy small businesses really need help getting new customers, and they can get them by hiring companies like our own OPUBCO SEO Sales team.

It’s kind of a ‘work your way up’ sort of deal. Maybe you’ll need to start your journey by  getting into an SEO company as an intern where you can learn and expand your skills first which can lead to a full time position for that company. Work hard to learn the business, make contacts and your resume will will grow as a byproduct of that hard work. Learning how to help small businesses get higher search engine rankings in Google could also lead to careers working for other large corporations that employ their own internal SEO and SEM teams.

And remember there are no college courses on this so these are vary valuable skills you’ll be learning, and your completion will be far less in this area of the job market. As far as how this relates to getting a job at Google consider that  you’ll be learning a lot about Google and their tools while working in this field. And if it never leads to a job in Google then is that really so bad? This is a great business to be in with a lot of opportunity. Not to mention helping small businesses to be more successful provides a sense of satisfaction.


-Stephen C. Dayton

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