Mayan Calendar | Doomsday | End of World & Marketing , Oh My!

Mayan-calendar-end-of-worldWhat do the Mayan calendar, doomsday, the end of the world and dog and cats living together in harmony have in common?! Marketing of course silly! No this is not a Seinfeld episode or even an episode of the Simpsons, though I’m starting to see dollar signs dancing in my head over the potential marketing rights. Ok I’m not really looking for marketing rights to doomsday or end of the world predictions, but I do see great marketing potential for numerous small, medium and large businesses to make some money on such news events.

End of the world predictions – Marketing your services for fun and profit!

With the most recent doomsday scenario being the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world tomorrow December 21, 2012 I decided to do a little digging to see if any businesses were taking advantage of the prediction to make some money. As expected there are. There are a number of hotels offering end of the world specials such as..

  • The Keating hotel in San Diego which is promoting an end of the world package with a last supper and fitness classes to help you with outrunning zombies all for the low, low price of $666. And I’m sure the triple 6 price tag is no coincidence either!
  •  Then how about The Curtis which is a Doubletree by Hilton hotel located in Denver Colorado who is offering a $12,021 money doesn’t really matter if the world is really ending, the Party Like There’s No To-Maya offer!
  • Mayan calendar, doomsday, end of the world marketing isn’t just for the rich. Oh no you too can take part in the festivities without ever leaving home! Just checkout all the “There’s No To-Maya” party items that many small entrepreneurs are selling on Amazon.

Just think if you own a restaurant the fun you could have with special menu deals for such events. How about a bar or dance club owner; you could have a throw a party with a new drink name that’s the special of the night. It doesn’t matter what your business is, just come up with an idea for a special deal for whatever is a hot news subject and get the word out with any kind of marketing from social media, funny YouTube videos, print, TV, press releases you name it. The more unique your offer is and the more news worthy it is it can really spread via word of mouth allowing your business to capitalize on a well circulated news topic.

Now there isn’t always going to be a hot subject in the news to piggy back off of, but keep an eye out for something that your small business can take advantage of. Does the phrase “fiscal cliff” ring a bell? It should, its only mentioned about a million times a day on TV, radio and print. If I were a financial institute of some kind I’d come up with a product offering that made use of the fiscal cliff term so I could ride the wave of the existing news cycle.

Recently a South Korean singer hit pay dirt with a hot single called Gangnam Style that went viral on YouTube and it spawned an incredible amount of publicity that people used to their own advantage. The various branches of the U.S. military even got into the act creating numerous Gangnam Style YouTube videos in a friendly competition with the other various branches of the armed services.

Marketing can take many forms and there are new trends and opportunities that can happen literally over night and while in most cases it will be short lived it’s still an opportunity to create buzz for your own business if you can think outside the box. So with tomorrow (Friday) being the end of the world the timing of this post could have been better on my part. But hey, if you have a problem with my timing then by all means please post a comment to me about it on Saturday! Smile


-Stephen C. Dayton

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