Our Customers Speak Out


Just want to let you know it has been an incredible experience working with OPUBCO. Everyone on your staff has proven to be professional, knowledgeable, and extremely hard working. You operate with integrity and get results. OPUBCO has become more of a trusted partner than a vendor. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with confidence – except for my competition!
James Coco Jr.
Coco Architectural Grilles & Metalcraft


We are beyond pleased with the partnership with OPUBCO and have even resigned for another SEO campaign.
Todd Stogner
New Media Manager


As an advertising agency, we have several clients that require search engine optimization and marketing. As our needs for SEO grew, we had to reach out for assistance from a true SEO company. After visiting with several companies, we chose to work with OPUBCO Marketing Group based on the knowledge and expertise they were able to provide. OPBUCO offers the best full service SEO plans at very competitive pricing.
Don Hermes


We are constantly amazed and pleased at the quality of work and engagement we’ve gotten from the OPUBCO SEO team. They have completely bought in to what we’re doing and they feel like a part of the Marketing team. They have built a team of individual experts who are adept at tackling the trickiest of problems and pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve of the latest trends. OPUBCO has far exceed all expectations in our time with them.
Chris Vaughn
Director of marketing


I was quite surprised that in just a few months, my web site went from not being in the top 50 results in Google to being on the first page for 30 different keywords.
Tom French
Owner, French Construction, Inc.


The staff were extremely helpful, well-organized, and communicated with me throughout the entire process. I was amazed that we went from page 15 in the Google search engine to page 1 in only about 3 weeks.

This marketing is what has allowed for us to show the community what we can offer them and the level of care we can offer their pets. This has been the most successful advertising we have ever done and the money is well spent.

Beth Burney
Practice Manager, Pet Medical Center of Edmond


They have done a great job helping the Integrity Auto Group companies improve websites and in particular re-work the sites for search engine optimization.

Kevin Labeth 
General Manager, Integrity Auto Finance 


Wow. First page in a month!

Beverly Hayden
Owner, Swanson’s Fireplace and Patio Furniture


Our call volume has tripled and surgeries have doubled. 25% growth from August to Sept. and 31% growth from Sept. to Oct.!

Dr. Jake Boyer
Owner, SpayXperts – Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic


The service provided and the results have been very satisfying. William Martin our “internet guru” assured me that our ad’s and natural searches ranking would go up and he was right! I have enjoyed the weekly reports to review what is working and what is not.

Probably one of the most incredible things about this service has been William…if I have a new ad to place, or a new Google phone number, or a new keyword, he is ALWAYS quick to answer the phone or respond back by email. This is VERY unusual in the world of internet advertising and optimization. Also, the keywords and campaigns he uses are very sophisticated. I had another internet advertising specialist look at our Adwords account and his reaction was raised eyebrows and the statement “This guy is good”.

Anyway, thank you OPUBCO for this great service and the excellent representatives you have hired.

Matthew Wilkens
President, EnergyWise